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Hey pal, let's go to Barista's and do some bakchodi.

Bakchodi. (An Introduction)

Bakchodi-This is some word I never knew existed.Come hostel life,and a wave of new changes came in.I was always considered to have a good sense of humor by my friends.This went to a whole new level.This level is bakchodi in north Indian terms.
A bakchod is basically a person who can make fun of anything in any situation at any given juncture in time.Now,this can be at the expense at others.Every person is a dormant bakchod.But,levels of bakchods are set in a direct proportion to the levels of dormancy in them.
Hence the classification of bakchods is a scientific study.Two basic types of bakchods exist.The flops and the tops.(there are exceptions put under a smaller third class -the chamans)
The tops are class 1 of the bakchods.They are the leaders in the bakchodial hierarchy.They may be complete oblivious of anything else in the word.They constantly search for new things to make fun of,to ridicule,its more like they hunt for subjects to be made fun.Their jokes are extreme,bordering on sadism.The tops are divided into further two types- top mein top and top mein flop.The first subclass consists of people who lack the ability to sense anything other than happiness,at other people’s expense.It is said in old bakchod documents of the american WW2 that the US nuking japan was the handiwork of this class of bakchods.The second subclass has bakchods who have a humane side but it lacks control,betraying them to the dark side.Hence,their doings sometimes though the work of class 1 bakchodi appears halfhearted.
The flops are bakchods with more than 58 percent dormancy.They absolutely cannot joke at anything.They should not be confused with melancholic people,they like to have fun,but suffer when they are not around bakchods.The main subclasses are again-flop mein top and flop mein flop.The flop mein top bakchods have the ability to comprehend humour.The flop mein flop bakchods are pure dumbarses ,they are slow at everything,but they attempt to joke and once in a blue moon it cracks people up.
The exceptional class of Chamans,has bakchods who laugh at their own jokes,and their jokes are weird in a sexual and moral sense.Their timing is bad,and the place and crowd is inappropriate.Like cracking a gay joke,while leading a gay pride parade.They have strange laughing styles,and crazy,shifty eyes.

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